January 24 -- A Visit from Making Box

Our friends from Making Box, Guelph's improv comedy group, come to share our stage!
Front of HouseJosh Ashley
HostBernie Roehl
LightsLaura Teskey
MusicAdam Benjamin
NotesWillem Klumpenhouwer
SoundCraig Rintoul
PerformersAlan Dawdy, Andrea Buchholz, Joel Young, Megan-Fay Rothschild, Nike Abbott, Sam Hossack, players from Making Box

January 31 -- TheatresportsTM Returns

The original team-on-team improv format is back in Waterloo!
Front of HouseGita Pattison
HostSam Hossack
SoundCraig Rintoul
PerformersAmine Mhedhbi, Andrea Buchholz, Bernie Roehl, Beth Hawkins, Joel Young, Josh Ashley, Kate Urquhart, Laura Teskey, Nike Abbott, Pat Wagner, Paul Adamson, Willem Klumpenhouwer

February 7 -- Double Header

Two shows in one night! Two complete separate sets of performers will show off their improv abilities.
Front of HouseBeth Hawkins
HostMark Lammert
LightsPaul Adamson
MusicAdam Benjamin
NotesBernie Roehl

February 7 -- First Set

PerformersAmine Mhedhbi, Chris OBrien, Craig Rintoul, Megan-Fay Rothschild, Pat Wagner

February 7 -- Second Set

PerformersAndrea Buchholz, Joel Young, Laura Teskey, Nike Abbott, Suzanne Paquin

February 14 -- Write On Valentines Day

Enjoy our annual Valentines Day show, featuing Theatre on the Edge alumni doing scenes based on your original writing! Bring in poems, love letters, short stories, really anything at all that will inspire our improvisation. Details at https://www.facebook.com/events/2288889858020122/
Front of HouseNicholas Rintche
LightsAlan Dawdy
PerformersAdam Benjamin, Andrea Buchholz, Bernie Roehl, John Wilkinson, Karen Oddson, Melanie Wilkinson, Nick Oddson

February 16 -- Special Joint Show with Laughs on Tap at Chainsaw

Come see us perform on Saturday night with Laughs on Tap! Details at https://www.facebook.com/events/269633040375490/
PerformersAmine Mhedhbi, Bernie Roehl, Beth Hawkins, Joel Young, Mark Lammert, Megan-Fay Rothschild, Nike Abbott, Sam Hossack, Willem Klumpenhouwer, and the Laughs on Tap players

February 21 -- The Big Game

See our improvisors compete for the coveted Yes, Anderson award (known as the "Yessie"). Your applause determines who the winners are!
Front of HousePat Wagner
HostBernie Roehl
LightsMark Lammert
MusicAndrea Buchholz
NotesNike Abbott
SoundCraig Rintoul
PerformersAlan Dawdy, Amine Mhedhbi, Beth Hawkins, Gita Pattison, Jessica Jean Armstrong, Kate Urquhart, Nicholas Rintche, Paul Adamson, Raheem Adam, Suzanne Paquin

February 28 -- TheatresportsTM

SoundWillem Klumpenhouwer