May 23 -- Musical Show!

Our multi-talented performers not only create improv comedy, they sing and dance while doing it! Every game and every scene will somehow involve music.
Front of HouseCraig Rintoul
HostBernie Roehl
LightsAlan Dawdy
MusicAdam Benjamin
NotesMark Lammert
PerformersAndrea Buchholz, Chris OBrien, Gita Pattison, Kate Urquhart, Megan-Fay Rothschild, Nike Abbott, Suzanne Paquin

May 30 -- TheatresportsTM

The original team vs team improv format
HostSuzanne Paquin
Performers(may contain), Adam Benjamin, Amine Mhedhbi, Andrea Buchholz, Bernie Roehl, Chris OBrien, Craig Rintoul, Gita Pattison, Jessica Jean Armstrong, Joel Young, Josh Ashley, Kate Urquhart, Laura Teskey, Mark Lammert, Megan-Fay Rothschild, Nicholas Rintche, Nike Abbott, Pat Wagner, Paul Adamson, Sam Hossack

June 6 -- Ride to Conquer Cancer

All proceeds go to the Ride to Conquer Cancer