TotE Board

As a volunteer organization Theatre on the Edge has a number of Board members who are responsible for various aspects of keeping the Company running. The Board is elected at the yearly TotE Annual General Meeting (AGM).

All Company members in attendance at the AGM are eligible to run for a position. Nominees will be voted on by other members of the Company present. It is possible for one person to hold multiple positions, though it is preferable to have one person per position.

If a Board member is unable to continue in their role, they have the option of stepping down. If this occurs, the Board will attempt to find someone to take over the vacant position. There may be a call for volunteers, or someone may be asked, but the selection and process is at the Board’s discretion.

Contacting the Board

The Board can be contacted at

For information about shows, workshops, or private functions, please use

Current Board Members

Chair Gita Pattison
Treasurer Jennifer Garbett
Director at Large Nick Rintche

Non-Board Positions

Casting Director Bernie Roehl
Player’s Rep Kevin Magri
Webmaster Jennifer Jean Armstrong
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