Ashley Hommel

Ashley has yet to be born. This, however, has not slowed down her writing one bit. She was raised by Mystic Yaks on the shores of personal journals, where she quickly got bored. Not soon after the invasion of puberty into her life she migrated to poetry where she has been stripped naked and is often found bleeding truth. Her first book ‘Out of the Dark and Scary Places:A Collection of Poetry’ was published in 2012. Her second book is still being held hostage by procrastination. She believes improv is a way of life and got her start with KW’s Theatre on the Edge in 2000. She discovered and joined Staircase Improv in 2013 and can be found doing workshops and shows with both troupes. She has an adorable daughter, Autumn, who is destined to be even cooler than her mother and one day rule the Empire at Darth Yoda’s side! Don’t ask Ashley about celery…it still makes her cry!